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Thursday 5 February 2009

This took absolutely ages. I was trying to "translate" a pattern into something I could understand at a glance from a book by Julia E Saunders. Only just managed it due to a good picture, where I could relate what was going on. There's some beautiful stuff in it but I can't make head nor tail of most of it. Shame really. I still got lost but made up one of the first stars, then did my own thing with it, The book was still under the sofa when I went to find it just now.

It is made from Cronit rayon thread, it is a pig to work with, but the colours are smashing. Unfortunately the lady who sells it in Shrewsbury has only got 3 colours Ecru, a salmon pink and this green. It is about a foot across.

Each separate motif uses the best part of 20 yards of this thread

Sunday 28 December 2008

I seem to get something wrong with every snowflake I do. They all end up with 7 facets. Wierd.

This is a near miss at Darlene Pilachic's Ice Crystals Snowflake.
It's in DMC cordonet special size 70 and is 1 and a quarter inches across.

Friday 12 December 2008

The Owl

I was doodling about , dropped it and picked it up the "wrong" way up, and thought it looked a bit owlish. Fiddled about a bit more and here he is......

When I get a couple of shuttles free, (limited supply), I'll do him again and post the pattern.

I do remember the thread is Finka pearle size 12.

Monday 20 October 2008

Halloween Masks

Couple (well 1) of evil faces for the end of the Month

The second one is similar to the first but with the top of the head cut off and the ends teased out.

Saturday 4 October 2008

Is it a coily ? Is it a doaster?

Made a new round thing! Dont know what to call it. According to a recent discusion on HBT it would appear to be toobig for a coaster ot too small for a doily!!

Just spent 2 hours writing out pattern and adding photo, previewed it and guess what. All gone. not happy I hate this blogger thing. unwieldy What You See is Certainly NOT What You Get.

Have to keep regigging it.

Pattern follows. I havn't put when to reverse work or not to as I had trouble working it out at the time. May come back to this, as I think it may expand. However, I have 2 difficulties.

1 Any bigger than this and I can't work out how to balance the pattern, stitch count etc. and literealy use miles of thread doing it.

2 Still can't get my head round hiding ends other than cut and tie.

Round 1 R 3-5-5-3, R 3+5-5-3, R 3+5-5-3, R 3+5-5-3, SR 3+5/3+5

SR 3-3/3-3, Ch 3-3-3-3, R3+3-3-3, Ch 3-3-3-3, R 3+3+3-3

Carry on round to completion of round, Finish with preferred method.

Round 2 R 3-3-3-3, Ch 10+10, R 3-3-3-3, Ch 10+10. Repeat all way round finish with prefered method

Round 3 R 3-3-3-3, Ch 5, R 3+3-3-3, Ch 5, R 3+3-3-3, Ch 5, SR 5-3/5-3, R 3+5-5-3, R 3+5+5-3, R3+5-5-3 SR 3+5/3+5, CH 5 Repeat all way round. Finish with prefered method.

Saturday 30 August 2008

25 finished but slightly overdue

Had some family issues to deal with lately, so not done much tatting. Anyway here thay are.

A small coaster in DMC size 50

Sort of slightly clover DMC 50

Finished off the DMC50 with an attempt at a ric rac outer ring.

A tiny circle in DMC 80

The centre of Roger aka Friedman's oval doily.
Had lots of trouble working out where it went from here.

DMC 80

And finaly the doily Which went to Riet as Christmas in July