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Monday, 28 April 2008

21/25 and Third round robin bookmark

Left leg
R 5-5-5-5, (Ric rac, S/R 5-5/5-5)*
*repeat x 4
Ric rac S/R 5-5-5/5
Centre Leg
S/R 5-5-5/5 , Copy left leg Joining S/R to opposite picot.
Right Leg
S/R 5-5-5/5, Copy left leg joining S/R to opposite centre S/R
R 5-5-5-5. Use prefered method of finish.
R= Ring 5-5 etc
S/R-Split ring 5/5,
Ric Rac (1st half double stitch x 5. 2nd half double stitch x 5. 1st half double stich x 5
= 5.5.5
This bookmark now on it's way to Margaret.