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Friday, 21 December 2007


The original intention was to try to do Roger Freedmans Babies Breath. Should have read the destructions first!! I haven't got a clue what Mignonette Tatting is, and I can't Needle tat either!! So after round two I did me own thing Man. The original was in a variagated pink, and called babies breath. I didn't have any so used this, Decided on second thoughts not to call it frogs breath, on the grounds thaty if I had used brown it would have to be called dogs breath.
It is the size of a sheet of A4.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas tree (11/25)

Found a skein of red sparkly stuff on my wife's embroidery box. So I nicked it!!

Mistake. It was really thick and very metallic. I was using a silent tatter shuttle. which has a very generous capacity. Filled it back up 4 times to complete this monstrosity, ( it stands 5 inches tall. I have scanned and photographed it because the scan didn't show the sparkle but the photo quality is not good enough.

The Christmas tree is Elaine Scott's design, from the latest issue of the Ring of Tatters newsletter.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Into double figures (10/25)

Boy did I tie myself up in knots trying to remember when to reverse work and when not too. The amount of thread I got through trying to get it right (ish) beggars belief.

The Pattern

Round 1

R 10 - 5 - 10. Ch 5 - 5. RW. R 10 + 5 - 10. RW. Repeat for total 10 rings and chains

Round 2

R 10 - 10. R 10 + (to chain of last round) 10. R 10 - 10. RW. Ch 15 - 15. RW.

R 10 + (to last ring made) 10. R 10 + 10. R 10 - 10 Repeat

Round 3

Join to picot on chain of last ring CH 15. RW. R 10 - 8 - 2. R 2 + ( to last ring ) 8 - 8 - 2.

R 2 + 8 - 10. RW. Ch 15 + ( to next chain of last round ) 15. Repeat.

DNC Cebelia 50. Ecru

I hope that makes sense.

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Autumn (9/25)
I had some difficulty here trying to make something similar to the Bonsai Tree, (which was done completely randomly). Trying to do random deliberately, did my head in!!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Butterfly 8/25

Here be Sherry Pences Butterfly. Had trouble getting to grips with the patern, so not 100% as written. And as butterflys bodies tend to be hairy, I tried a thicker thread ( Crochetta size 8 (yuky stuff) ) and made the body using half the amount of stiches. Almost but not quite. It'll come. Wings made with DMC 80. Once again with many thanks to BJ for the thread.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Coaster 25/7

Just made me first "round thing". trying it again with a couple of changes in the hope of stopping the "wavy edges" which have caused it to fold slightly on the left. Can anyone help to sort the problem please. Is it stitch count or inconsistant tension?

Managed to get round 18 holes for the first time in 4 weeks. maybe things is looking up.

Friday, 26 October 2007

I been tagged

Here are the rules which you must abide by if you are tagged.
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Savagely attacked by Marty. However not too much blood lost.

1. 22 Years in the Army
2. I am probably the only golfing, tatting, and biking archer in the world!!.
3. I play golf to a handicap of 14 and my archery is infinately worse!!
4. I don't go anywhere without a book. Novel or historical I don't care.
5. More contrasts. I like traditional British Folk music and heavy metal (70's 80's big hair bands)
6. I play a guitar and perform folk music and monologues. can't play rock to save me life
7. The best job I've had since leaving the army is as an undertaker.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Cherry Tree (25/6)

Last Spring looking out into the Garden, there is a lovely Flowering Cherry tree. It looks nothing like this, but gave me the idea, along with with many failed attempts to grow Bonsai trees. Might try this again in variagated Blue for Willow Pattern effect.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Helix Asperta Variagata (25/5)

Helix Asperta Variagata .
( very roughly the variagated snail!!)

I started off trying to make a heart. Made the first 3 rings, and had to stop for dinner. Finished dinner, picked up the "heart", and thought this looks more like a beastie, and so a snail was born.

Not sure of the size but very many thanks to BJ in NM for the thread.

R1 3-3-3
R2 3+12-3
R3 3+3-3

Cut and tie (Several knots to form tail)

S/R1 Join to Picot on 1st ring 6 join to next picot /6
S/R 2 6 join to picot on 3rd ring/ 6
S/R 3 6 join to next picot on 3rd ring / 6
S/R4 10 very long picot 12
cut and tie
Cut very long picot and knot ends for eye stalks

Mother and child!! (It was an absolute pig to do!!)
Little one DMC 80 Once again Many thanks to BJ for the thread.

Friday, 28 September 2007

25/4 Next entry for 25 motif challenge.

Size 12 Finca perle ( got it at Stourbridge tatting day).

Colours 3670 and 1072.

Round 1

R1. 5-5-5-5
R2. 5+5-5-5
RW. Change colour (ring thread now becomes core thread)
Ch1. 5-5.
Colours alternate all way round.
RW Rpt for total of 10
Round 2
Join to 2nd Picot of a ring. (opposite colour)
ch. 5
Split ring. 5-5/10
Ch. 5 Join to 2nd picot next ring
Ch. 3 Join to 2nd picot next ring.
Swap colours. repeat all way round.

I hope that makes sense. Must write things down as I go along.



Victor just needs to raise his forelegs a little and push his head slightly forward to make a top class formation begger.

Friday, 21 September 2007


Not sure about the "flowery" bits.

Had a "divil" of a job trying to get the leaves done right. Finally managed it by making a 1/2 stitch back over the leaf so that the next piece of the branch could carry on from the original base of the leaf.

Looks like it will go well on a pair of Jeans or something like Sharons' bag

Beasties in my house

Here are some of my best freinds

First up we have Victor.
Seen here in his bed after kicking his bedding out.

Part Staffie part Boxer.

Other name. "The great orange worm".
From his habit of crawling along the floor dragging his back legs behind him.

Mad eye.

Another of his quirks is to show large ammounts of eye white. His better efforts make him look completely mad.

See I told you there was a radiator sneaking up behind me.

Next is Wilf.

Part Sheepdog part Labrador.
Labs tend to be lazy, Sheepdogs tend to be very energetic.

Please meet the worlds first hyper active sloth

Most pictures of Wilf are of his back . Because he can't stay still enough, for long enough for a picture to be taken. In the half second delay of the button being pressed and the thing going off, he's gone.

His favourite and most spectacular trick is catching frisbees. This is not Victors forte as he is incapable of thinking in three dimesions. He runs like a maniac swinging his head from side to side looking for it, until he hears it hit the ground. He then whips round spots it, runs like stink, grabs and misses it, generaly rolling along the ground in a cloud of dust and little pebbles.

Victor and Wilf.

A moments peace.

Zak. Built like a fifteen week old kitten. Is actually 7 years old.

Has never been known to use the floor, or to walk.

( my daughter was into Gun's 'n Roses when he arrived)
19 years experience of nicking or mooching food.
Has never been known to scratch even when he doesn't want a cuddle.

A typical pose.

Friday, 14 September 2007


New entry for 25 motif challenge.

It was supposed to be Sue Hansons pattern, but I messed up the ammount of picots on the chain , and didn't notice till third one, So decided to carry on and see what happened.

Pin loom Idea seems to work ok.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Been trying to do cluny leaves. but these nadgered fingers of mine won't stay in place with out getting severe cramp.
Cost's nothing.
See equipment source!!
Equipment and method of procurement.

1 Steal wifes cork, pricking board ( she does Maltese style bobbin lace ) .

Here are a couple of examples.

2 Raid wifes needlework box for pins.
Thats it.
I hope that the folowing pictures are clear enough

I just need to work on how the leaf is shaped now and hopefully things should be fine

Monday, 3 September 2007

First Try

Finaly managed to do something without loosing my rag and chopping it up since this heart problem started.
Messing about while waiting for my wife to finish work.

- = Picot
+ = Join

R1 2ds - (repeat 8 times)
R2 2ds + 1st picot ring 1, 2ds - (repeat x 7)
R3 As ring 2 but join to ring 2
Ch 2ds + 1st picot R3, 2ds - (repeat x 7)
R4 2ds + last picot on chain, 2ds - (repeat x 7)
R5 as R2
R6 as R 3
ch2 + R6

Repeat for third set of rings and last chain.

Not sure how I got the finished article to this form as I have repeated it a few times got 1 result completly different to this, the rest were tangled messes!!

Done in Pink Crochetta size 10 (ruddy awful stuff splits frays and breaks without provocation), but is all that was available locally.

Oh to find some decent cotton.

Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Better Day

Much better today.
Half decent round of golf yesterday. managed 8 holes before turning into a jelly!
Restarted the Tatting.
Smoked, BAD.

Thursday, 23 August 2007

hacked off

Totaly hacked off.

Bbeen off work with chest pains since 8th June.

Realy bad day today.

Can't concentrate on anything.

Lost count of how many times i've beggared up my tatting.

Ended up cutting it up in temper.

Daft that, achieved nothing.