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Friday, 21 December 2007


The original intention was to try to do Roger Freedmans Babies Breath. Should have read the destructions first!! I haven't got a clue what Mignonette Tatting is, and I can't Needle tat either!! So after round two I did me own thing Man. The original was in a variagated pink, and called babies breath. I didn't have any so used this, Decided on second thoughts not to call it frogs breath, on the grounds thaty if I had used brown it would have to be called dogs breath.
It is the size of a sheet of A4.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas tree (11/25)

Found a skein of red sparkly stuff on my wife's embroidery box. So I nicked it!!

Mistake. It was really thick and very metallic. I was using a silent tatter shuttle. which has a very generous capacity. Filled it back up 4 times to complete this monstrosity, ( it stands 5 inches tall. I have scanned and photographed it because the scan didn't show the sparkle but the photo quality is not good enough.

The Christmas tree is Elaine Scott's design, from the latest issue of the Ring of Tatters newsletter.

Saturday, 8 December 2007

Into double figures (10/25)

Boy did I tie myself up in knots trying to remember when to reverse work and when not too. The amount of thread I got through trying to get it right (ish) beggars belief.

The Pattern

Round 1

R 10 - 5 - 10. Ch 5 - 5. RW. R 10 + 5 - 10. RW. Repeat for total 10 rings and chains

Round 2

R 10 - 10. R 10 + (to chain of last round) 10. R 10 - 10. RW. Ch 15 - 15. RW.

R 10 + (to last ring made) 10. R 10 + 10. R 10 - 10 Repeat

Round 3

Join to picot on chain of last ring CH 15. RW. R 10 - 8 - 2. R 2 + ( to last ring ) 8 - 8 - 2.

R 2 + 8 - 10. RW. Ch 15 + ( to next chain of last round ) 15. Repeat.

DNC Cebelia 50. Ecru

I hope that makes sense.