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Friday, 26 October 2007

I been tagged

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Savagely attacked by Marty. However not too much blood lost.

1. 22 Years in the Army
2. I am probably the only golfing, tatting, and biking archer in the world!!.
3. I play golf to a handicap of 14 and my archery is infinately worse!!
4. I don't go anywhere without a book. Novel or historical I don't care.
5. More contrasts. I like traditional British Folk music and heavy metal (70's 80's big hair bands)
6. I play a guitar and perform folk music and monologues. can't play rock to save me life
7. The best job I've had since leaving the army is as an undertaker.

Thursday, 25 October 2007

Cherry Tree (25/6)

Last Spring looking out into the Garden, there is a lovely Flowering Cherry tree. It looks nothing like this, but gave me the idea, along with with many failed attempts to grow Bonsai trees. Might try this again in variagated Blue for Willow Pattern effect.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Helix Asperta Variagata (25/5)

Helix Asperta Variagata .
( very roughly the variagated snail!!)

I started off trying to make a heart. Made the first 3 rings, and had to stop for dinner. Finished dinner, picked up the "heart", and thought this looks more like a beastie, and so a snail was born.

Not sure of the size but very many thanks to BJ in NM for the thread.

R1 3-3-3
R2 3+12-3
R3 3+3-3

Cut and tie (Several knots to form tail)

S/R1 Join to Picot on 1st ring 6 join to next picot /6
S/R 2 6 join to picot on 3rd ring/ 6
S/R 3 6 join to next picot on 3rd ring / 6
S/R4 10 very long picot 12
cut and tie
Cut very long picot and knot ends for eye stalks

Mother and child!! (It was an absolute pig to do!!)
Little one DMC 80 Once again Many thanks to BJ for the thread.