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Friday, 26 October 2007

I been tagged

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Savagely attacked by Marty. However not too much blood lost.

1. 22 Years in the Army
2. I am probably the only golfing, tatting, and biking archer in the world!!.
3. I play golf to a handicap of 14 and my archery is infinately worse!!
4. I don't go anywhere without a book. Novel or historical I don't care.
5. More contrasts. I like traditional British Folk music and heavy metal (70's 80's big hair bands)
6. I play a guitar and perform folk music and monologues. can't play rock to save me life
7. The best job I've had since leaving the army is as an undertaker.


Marty said...

Okay! I can see you on your bike (helmet on head not lap) with a bow and arrows slung across your back, golf clubs fastened on behind and your tatting peaking out of the pocket of your leathers. Just wonderful! Glad to know you better, Bob!

Monique said...

Heh, Bob, somehow I doubt you're the only golfing, needleworking (of some sort), biking, guitar-playing archer in the world. I know too many guys in the SCA who could claim that list. :)

Not to mention the guys who could add bellydancer and fighter-jock to those....

cas said...

Hi Bob, the tatting and archery genes must go together, I know 3 lady tatters with archery in their blood. ( One is the daughter of of a games archer, and two others are/were archers themselves. ) Not sure if any are bikers though... ( Although one can shoot rifles and fix tractors as well.)
Happy tatting/biking/shooting/golfing!