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Thursday, 5 February 2009

This took absolutely ages. I was trying to "translate" a pattern into something I could understand at a glance from a book by Julia E Saunders. Only just managed it due to a good picture, where I could relate what was going on. There's some beautiful stuff in it but I can't make head nor tail of most of it. Shame really. I still got lost but made up one of the first stars, then did my own thing with it, The book was still under the sofa when I went to find it just now.

It is made from Cronit rayon thread, it is a pig to work with, but the colours are smashing. Unfortunately the lady who sells it in Shrewsbury has only got 3 colours Ecru, a salmon pink and this green. It is about a foot across.

Each separate motif uses the best part of 20 yards of this thread


TattingChic said...

Rayon thread does look so pretty when it's all tatted up! The shiny thread looks beautiful, I agree! I also agree that it is a pain the the you-know-what to tat with, LOL!
Your tatted piece is lovely.

Valerie said...

i haven't tried using the thread but the motif turned out really nice. :)

Needledreams said...

Ah! The joy of rayon thread! lol I also hate to work with it but the results are so pretty. The piece looks gorgeous.

tatt3r said...

When I work from Julia Sanders' book, I re-write the pattern so it makes sense to me. I change the notation and put each ring and chain on one line, just like a modern pattern. There are some beautiful patterns in that book, and it's worth the effort to do the translation, IMHO. Nice work, Bob!

Thelma said...

It is such a lovely piece of tatting Bob! The thread may have been a pain,,but it gave such beautiful results. Great Job!

BJ said...

So good to see a new piece from you. What a huge project, but you are persistent! I always enjoy looking at your work.
I have given away a JS book (I ended up with two somehow) and I would have to re write patterns too. Unfortunately, I got that book when I just first learned to tat, so it's been gathering dust.
Guess I'll have to take another look know that I know a little more!
Best Wishes Bev

tattrldy said...

The thread might be a pain but the result looks great Bob: )