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Saturday, 3 November 2007

Coaster 25/7

Just made me first "round thing". trying it again with a couple of changes in the hope of stopping the "wavy edges" which have caused it to fold slightly on the left. Can anyone help to sort the problem please. Is it stitch count or inconsistant tension?

Managed to get round 18 holes for the first time in 4 weeks. maybe things is looking up.


Linda S Davies said...

Hi Bob,
Although tension does play a part in it I think mainly it is the amount of stitches. If you have too many, it turns out wavy, but if you have too few it will "bowl" up. It's trial and error and I'm afraid - a case of suck it and see!
Good luck, Linda (Glad to see you are feeling better)

Jane Eborall said...

Try putting one picot on alternate chains on the first round then two on t'other alternate ones. This means you'll need 50% fewer rings on the outer round. Also try using fewer ds between the picots on those first round chains too.
T'is just a matter of working, re-working, re-working, I'm afraid!!!

AnnW said...

You might also want to snug your stitches a bit tighter. It looks like some rings and chains are looser than others.

Have you considered using a picot gauge to get even picots? That might help as well.