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Monday, 10 December 2007

Christmas tree (11/25)

Found a skein of red sparkly stuff on my wife's embroidery box. So I nicked it!!

Mistake. It was really thick and very metallic. I was using a silent tatter shuttle. which has a very generous capacity. Filled it back up 4 times to complete this monstrosity, ( it stands 5 inches tall. I have scanned and photographed it because the scan didn't show the sparkle but the photo quality is not good enough.

The Christmas tree is Elaine Scott's design, from the latest issue of the Ring of Tatters newsletter.


Tatman said...

I have run across threads like that. They are deceiving! Nice design. Maybe work it in your favorite thread and you will enjoy it. :) I love my Silent Tatter shuttles. They are my next shuttle love aside from my Old English Aeros.

yarnplayer said...

I tried using a rough, sparkly thread once just for the chains, using a smooth thread for the rings. It worked okay for the chains, since it didn't have to slide through anything.