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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

16/17 and 18

Started on an edging but messed it up so many times I ran out of thread. Looks like I will have to visit Mother in law and Sister in law. They are only five minutes from Roseground.
Finca perle size 16, strange variagation the white shows up every few feet but omly for a few inches.


I hope this is not classed as cheating!! Its No 1 revisited once again Finca perle 16. Can anyone tell me how to get the last chain interwoven with the other two. might look a bit Celtic that way.


BJ strikes again!! She sent me some King Tut Quilting thread. By heck that is so fine. So I doubled it up for this Pentagram? Enjoyed working with it. I break threads a lot because I play a guitar and have long nails on my right hand and particularly strong ones on my thumbs.


Gina said...

On #17, when I was trying to do a small celtic piece once, I was told to do it with a needle....you can use a sewing needle just like a tatting shuttle and you won't have that much thread to deal with on something as small as this. The needle allows you to weave it through the chains easily - and then make that last join.
:-) Gina

Sewicked said...

One other way, if it's the last bit, then cut the threads off, weave the chain into place, then do the last join.

But that only works at the end, not in the middle. It does help shuttle tatters to have those really slender Celtic tatting shuttles or a narrow Lady Hoare style.

Sharon said...

Bob did you get the round robin info yet? I sent it again this afternoon, afternoon my time or more like 11PM your time if you didn't get it, let me know and I'll post it on the Round Robin blog.