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Saturday, 1 March 2008

19/25 and 1st round robin effort

1st round robin thing sent off after me e-mails went wobbly on me.
Round 1 R 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 Close
Round 2 CH 1 join to picot of ring 5-5-5-5 join to next picot, CH 2 5+5-5-5 join to next picot. Repeat all way round, joining last picot of last chain to chain 1
Round 3 Ch join to top picot of chain on previouse round. 5-5+5-5+5-5+5-5+5-5+5-5+5-5+5-5+
Round 4 R 6-6+6-6 Close. SR 6+6/6-6 close. Ch 6-6-6-6+6+6-6-6. SR 6-6/6-6 close. R 6+6+6-6 Close Repeat x 3.
Round 5 R 6-6+6-6 close. Ch 6-6. R6+6+6-6 close. Ch 6-6. R 6+6+6-6 close. Ch 6-6.
R 6+6+6-6 close. Ch 12. SR 12/6-6. CH 12. Repeat all way round.

I hope that lots clear I got confused!!


Clyde said...

Very nice Bob and I like the coloured thread.

battatter said...

What a great pattern Bob! It looks like little baskets... great for Easter!
Thanks for Sharing the pattern, too!!
Carol aka battatter