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Sunday, 30 March 2008

20/25 and second Round Robin

Here be Jane's Sleeping cat, in Rubi thread. I wanted to try and make a ginger tom, not quit but never mind. 74,000 split rings . Enjoyed making it.

There is a comment on my blog from
barb michelen. If you are a Tatter, shame on you, If not bog off and keep your adverts to yourself.

And just in case someone thinks I'm absolutely brilliant. I did't tat this ginger tom!!!!!


BJ said...

Tat's the Cat's Pajamas!
I'm not really old enough to give you a line from the 'Twenties' but thought it fit.
Love the kitty.

BJ in NM

Linda S Davies said...

Bob, it looks as if your blog is being targeted by scammers and advertisers. When one of the other tatters warned us on list about this happening to her I decided to moderate my comments. Safer in the long run!
By the way, love both kitties!

TattingChic said...

Yes, I Clicked on the first comment and started to get a very rapid download I didn't ask for...I even pressed cancel and it started downloading anyway. So, I stopped it before it ended...whew. Maybe you can delete the comment so that doesn't happen to anyone else?

Shay said...

that's one heck of a ginger tom....

Barbara Gordon said...

I just love your little kitty! So I'm a little late in leaving a post. I like the picture of the biger cat in there also, it just fits in right.

Barbara Gordon said...

I know you didn't tat him Bob, but I gave his tummy a rub!!!