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Saturday, 30 August 2008

25 finished but slightly overdue

Had some family issues to deal with lately, so not done much tatting. Anyway here thay are.

A small coaster in DMC size 50

Sort of slightly clover DMC 50

Finished off the DMC50 with an attempt at a ric rac outer ring.

A tiny circle in DMC 80

The centre of Roger aka Friedman's oval doily.
Had lots of trouble working out where it went from here.

DMC 80

And finaly the doily Which went to Riet as Christmas in July


***Jon**** said...

You've done well Bob. I like the colours in the doily that your made for Riet. If you extend the middle part of the centre of Roger's oval doily, I think it'll make a lovely bookmark.

BJ said...

I'm glad you are able to get back to tatting. Know how stressful famiy can be ~

I've awarded your blog with a "I Heart Your Blog" If it isn't a burden to you, please post. Go to www.ridgewoman.blogspot.com to see the 'rules'.
Best Wishes, bj