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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Is it a coily ? Is it a doaster?

Made a new round thing! Dont know what to call it. According to a recent discusion on HBT it would appear to be toobig for a coaster ot too small for a doily!!

Just spent 2 hours writing out pattern and adding photo, previewed it and guess what. All gone. not happy I hate this blogger thing. unwieldy What You See is Certainly NOT What You Get.

Have to keep regigging it.

Pattern follows. I havn't put when to reverse work or not to as I had trouble working it out at the time. May come back to this, as I think it may expand. However, I have 2 difficulties.

1 Any bigger than this and I can't work out how to balance the pattern, stitch count etc. and literealy use miles of thread doing it.

2 Still can't get my head round hiding ends other than cut and tie.

Round 1 R 3-5-5-3, R 3+5-5-3, R 3+5-5-3, R 3+5-5-3, SR 3+5/3+5

SR 3-3/3-3, Ch 3-3-3-3, R3+3-3-3, Ch 3-3-3-3, R 3+3+3-3

Carry on round to completion of round, Finish with preferred method.

Round 2 R 3-3-3-3, Ch 10+10, R 3-3-3-3, Ch 10+10. Repeat all way round finish with prefered method

Round 3 R 3-3-3-3, Ch 5, R 3+3-3-3, Ch 5, R 3+3-3-3, Ch 5, SR 5-3/5-3, R 3+5-5-3, R 3+5+5-3, R3+5-5-3 SR 3+5/3+5, CH 5 Repeat all way round. Finish with prefered method.


Shirley Burger said...

looks like a doester to me, but then what do i know. lol
anyway it's gorgeous.

Linda S Davies said...

It's a really pretty design, Bob, well done! I know what you mean about doing a preview in Blogger! I've tried that a couple of times and everything always disappears! I NEVER do a preview any more!!!

T-bird Anni said...

well, obviously it's a bear mat - big enough for a nice big glass (although I cna't imagine spoiling it by using it for that!)

or a genetically modified snowflake?

and I gave up on blogger, Wordpress is still clunky but not nearly so grumpy as Blogger!

Iris Niebach said...

It is a beautiful little doily. For me more than two or maximum three rounds is a doily.

Needledreams said...

Well, depends of the thread size. If its a big thread could be a small doily. Made in fine thread could be a coaster or an ornament. :-)

One thing I'm sure of is that it's pretty!

I gave up to Blogger LONG time ago. I'm in Multiply and loving it each day!

BJ said...

Seems just the right size for under a med size vase...call it what you will, friend. It is lovely. I'm glad you are able to get back to tatting and hope the 'family' stuff eases.
I've been tatting snowflakes and putting a Secret Santa box together. You KNOW how much fun I have putting bits together. LOL
Have a happy tatting day.
Your friends in New Mexico

Loyal and Bev D. Ridgetatter

Yes, Blogger can try one's patience.

tattrldy said...

I really like your "coily". I made one in size 30 thread and it fit just right under a little vase. I'm working on another with a bigger thread and it deffinately will be a doily! Thanks for sharing the pattern.