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Friday, 21 September 2007

Beasties in my house

Here are some of my best freinds

First up we have Victor.
Seen here in his bed after kicking his bedding out.

Part Staffie part Boxer.

Other name. "The great orange worm".
From his habit of crawling along the floor dragging his back legs behind him.

Mad eye.

Another of his quirks is to show large ammounts of eye white. His better efforts make him look completely mad.

See I told you there was a radiator sneaking up behind me.

Next is Wilf.

Part Sheepdog part Labrador.
Labs tend to be lazy, Sheepdogs tend to be very energetic.

Please meet the worlds first hyper active sloth

Most pictures of Wilf are of his back . Because he can't stay still enough, for long enough for a picture to be taken. In the half second delay of the button being pressed and the thing going off, he's gone.

His favourite and most spectacular trick is catching frisbees. This is not Victors forte as he is incapable of thinking in three dimesions. He runs like a maniac swinging his head from side to side looking for it, until he hears it hit the ground. He then whips round spots it, runs like stink, grabs and misses it, generaly rolling along the ground in a cloud of dust and little pebbles.

Victor and Wilf.

A moments peace.

Zak. Built like a fifteen week old kitten. Is actually 7 years old.

Has never been known to use the floor, or to walk.

( my daughter was into Gun's 'n Roses when he arrived)
19 years experience of nicking or mooching food.
Has never been known to scratch even when he doesn't want a cuddle.

A typical pose.


Needledreams said...

Aw.... They're adorable! I'm not a dog person but a cat person. It makes me miss terrible my kitten Tuqui. We recently discover that he's almost deaf and very clumpsy!

BJ said...

Well, we have in our home a 3 lb Yorkshire Terrier, age 12; a very fat cat, Cossette, and a very noisy budgie (parakeet) named "Speedy Gonzalez". He is my daughter's bird who seems to be on an extended visit - K. Gonzalez is the real owner!
Love your menagerie. I fancy the b/w dog. My Yorkie could be an appetizer for the boxer x!
BTW love your tatting projects too.
Happy Tatting, BJ in NM