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Monday, 3 September 2007

First Try

Finaly managed to do something without loosing my rag and chopping it up since this heart problem started.
Messing about while waiting for my wife to finish work.

- = Picot
+ = Join

R1 2ds - (repeat 8 times)
R2 2ds + 1st picot ring 1, 2ds - (repeat x 7)
R3 As ring 2 but join to ring 2
Ch 2ds + 1st picot R3, 2ds - (repeat x 7)
R4 2ds + last picot on chain, 2ds - (repeat x 7)
R5 as R2
R6 as R 3
ch2 + R6

Repeat for third set of rings and last chain.

Not sure how I got the finished article to this form as I have repeated it a few times got 1 result completly different to this, the rest were tangled messes!!

Done in Pink Crochetta size 10 (ruddy awful stuff splits frays and breaks without provocation), but is all that was available locally.

Oh to find some decent cotton.


Linda S Davies said...

Hi BoB,
Nice first attempt. I see what you mean about needing to edit your page, it would be best to have your profile always at the top.
Go to my blog at www.toptattyhead.blogspot.com to see how I laid mine out. I can go into edit at anytime and change whatever I want. Perhaps blogspot.com is easier than blogger.com as I had no trouble at all
I'm using one hand only at the moment as I had surgery to my right thumb yesterday - and I'm right handed!!!!

sunshine said...

your problem is you have left picture then a center picture and a right side picture so they are over laping. Leave either the right or left one at the top of the page drag the center one to right below the word chain when you have finished your pattern and drag the other one to the bottom of the page. Should fix the over lapping issue.

Sewicked said...

Ahh, the 'joys' of cruddy thread. My boyfriend has a rule when he's the room & I'm tatting. I'm only allowed three 'tch's' and then I'm to put it down. That's the noise that I unconsciously make when I'm irritated or have noticed a mistake.